Management Stages And Management Phases Essay example

Management Stages And Management Phases Essay example

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Imran Hussain

IT Project Management 2 Individual Report

Report No 3

Introduction 2
Management stages 2
Initation stage management products 2
Report stage end 3
Stage plan 3
Product delivery stage 4
Technical stages 4
Highlight report 5

Write a report for the project board explaining technical stages and management stages and recommending suitable management stage ends for your project. Your report should include your recommended frequency and content of highlight reports to be sent to project board members.
This report will outline the management stages and the technical stages for the AASI ltd e- repairs system and stage ends for each stage , and also information about the highlight reports that will be sent to the project board for checking progress throughout the project.
Management stages

The AASI ltd e- repairs system project will be broken down in to management stages and technical stages, management stages in this project includes the initiation stage and the product delivery stage and technical stages includes designing, implementing, testing and deploying the projects specialised products.
Initiating a Project is aimed at laying down the foundations in order to achieve a successful project. Specifically, all parties must be clear on what the project is intended to achieve, why it is needed, how the outcome is to be achieved and what their responsibilities are, so that there can be genuine commitment to it.
The Initiating a Project process allows the Project Board, via Directing a Project decide whether or not the project is sufficiently aligned with corporate or programme objectives to
The initiation stage is where the projects ...

... middle of paper ...

... and completed work pages in that given period.

Also will consist of information about products completed, products planned but not started in that given period and information about project time scales, if the project is on schedule or not.

• Next reporting period

Information about work packages to be authorised in execution, and to be completed during the next period, products to be completed during the next period, corrective actions to be completed during the next period

• Project and stage tolerance status

Information about how execution of the project and stage are preforming against its tolerances (e.g. cost/time/scope actuals and forecast))

• Requests for change

Information about any raised, approved , rejected and pending requests for change,

Key issues and risks

Summary of actual or potential problems and risks occurred at the stage

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