Management Skills in IT: Software Development Essay

Management Skills in IT: Software Development Essay

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Today technology has become an intangible part of our lives. Most of these technologies rely on software. These software products and solutions are being produced by large IT firms like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Systems and SAP to name a few. With the recent launch of Android OS we have seen how powerful open source programming has become over the years and this brings us to our main topic of argument.
Software has become such an integral part of our lives and that have caused the quality management of them an issue. The quality of software has vast effects on human lives. Minor glitches can lead to catastrophic loss of human life and damage of property. For example, a faulty Soviet early warning system almost caused WWIII in 1983. Companies now use management software to manage their finance, payroll, stock etc. So a bug in such software can cause financial loss for that company if data gets corrupted or the system shuts down. Now it has become important to address the address quality issues in them.
From 1940s till 1980s quality management meant inspecting the defective products and eliminating them (Total Quality Management presentation, Uddin). But in today’s world quality management means not only eliminating the defective products but also rectifying them. And this brings us back to our topic of ‘knowingly selling buggy products’.
When software is developed they are passed down to a team of testers who try in every way they can to crash it. During this they find the bugs and report it to the developer team. But even robust testing cannot practically detect all the bugs in software until it reaches the end user and runs in real life environment. Perfect software is practically impossible to build. This is mainly due to the ...

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...rer. But at the same time the software firm must have a minimum industry rated quality standards. The company can do this by providing support, fixes and updates on their products. It increases the goodwill of the company and also the product life cycle.

Title: Essay- Management Skills in IT
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