The Management Skills Development Assignment Essay

The Management Skills Development Assignment Essay

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The Management Skills Development Assignment, otherwise referred to as the apocalyptic death sentence dawned upon every first-year Schulich student enrolled in, the equally mortifying, MGMT1000 course, is a skill-development assignment designed to portray the fruition of one’s labour and to provide a precise timeline reflecting upon an individual’s first-year performance.

The mastermind behind this circus act of a course is none other than the gracious and revered Dr. Jean Adams. She has forever altered the realm of philosophy with the introduction of the intricate ‘learning triangle.’ This triangle, which more or less resembles a trapezoid, answers the deepest question of the universe, pertaining to how an individual learns and applies material. She implies that learning does not follow a linear accelerated method, but a logical triangular approach, consisting of the learner, content, and context. Adam’s methodology surpasses the metaphysical boundaries of the traditional learning model of the ‘learner-content’ approach. Her opus operandi: allowing the learner to select their own individual content, culminating in an education that is tailored to their own self-interests. Specifically studying material that interests the individual will lead to successful application at Schulich, in personal affairs, and the contemporary marketplace.

The Career Leader Collage is a very constructive and informative quiz that asses, using a theoretical grading scheme, an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. To summarize the epitome of viability, my key interest was concluded to be the application of technology, my key motivator being altruism, and my key skills being time management, assertiveness, and respect to others, all with scores of ...

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...ior wall, may lie anguish and displeasure. It is important to unearth the underlying bedrock layer of an individual’s behaviour in order to reveal their true intentions. Being able to distinguish between positive and negative intents can make or break a team. When a boss places pressure upon an employee, it can be seen as a positive motive as he may want to increase productivity, or it can be taken negatively, as he may be bullying the target. Identifying antisocial personalities is another skill that helps distinguish between genuine and manipulative behaviour. Some individuals appear to possess high emotional intelligence, but underneath, their true intentions are narcissistic and consist of sabotage. Emotional intelligence can also be taken too far when a false harmony prevails, it is just one form of intelligence; it should not be allowed to squeeze others out.

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