Management 's Application Of Leadership Essay

Management 's Application Of Leadership Essay

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Management’s application of leadership is crucial in the continued drive to maintain employee engagement inside the company, as well as with suppliers. FedEx depends on engaged employees to execute operations at all levels. This commitment is tethered to the third element of FedEx’s mission; “FedEx will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its team members, partners, and suppliers. Safety will be the first consideration in all operations (FedEx2, n.d.).” The company commissioned Real Time Performance (n.d.) to study and evaluate employee engagement through a “360-feedback” process. The study was commissioned to identify crucial leadership strengths and weaknesses, understand higher than normal turn-over rates and increase employee engagement in the FedEx Nacional division of the company. Insight gained from the study included understanding communication issues, motivating employees, and bridging the gap between employees and management. Although the study was undertaken in a particular division of FedEx, it embraces the leadership theory of management.
Leaders who know the overall mission, and effectively communicate the needs of the organization, garner employee understanding and engagement, which leads to improved productivity (AON, n.d.). Part of the role of leadership is to understand his or her employees, but it’s equally important, in a fast paced industry like air cargo, to listen to employees input and ideas. Entry and mid-level employees see the tactical side of the industry in a real sense. They see the “what and why” of a delay in movement of packages, or an aircraft’s departure, or something as simple as effective staging of support equipment. Effective leaders communicate with e...

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...etween employees, managers, and leaders. Communication is a two way street. Understanding the responsibilities of management and leadership, while imparting those skills on the workforce, can only be a positive aspect of employment with the organization.
FedEx is a multi-billion dollar corporation which provides air cargo and courier services worldwide. The organization implements the four functions of management; planning, organizing, leadership, and control in a phenomenal and extremely efficient process that realizes the delivery of over 11 million packages daily. Through the application of organizational alignment, a flattened hierarchy of leadership, and the largest commercial application of integrated information technology command and control, FedEx has positioned itself as a world leader in air cargo and courier service delivery.

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