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Management Problems and Solutions Essay

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ABSTRACT: Regularly management seeks to correct organizational deficiencies in order to align the organization to be more efficient, effective, and economical. They may opt to perform total quality management, lean six sigma, or simply downsize. Management may even identify symptoms without actually identifying the problem. Management may misdiagnose the problem by identifying a person or group of people as problems. While correctly recognizing problems, there are more on the verge and it is up to management to mitigate potential problems. Sometimes managers need to realize that the answers they seek are right before they eyes; they only simply need to look in a mirror.

INTRO: “Good mangers anticipate change, exploit opportunities, correct poor performance, and lead their organizations” (Robbins & Coulter, 2009, p. 45). Also, managers should also recognize that an organization’s success or failure is directly related to them (Robbins & Coulter, 2009, p. 45).

There are many key elements that must be formulated towards one’s management philosophy. It is an ongoing process in which growth can not only lead to potential success of an individual, but can also transcend an organization into a legacy (Draft, 2008). In order for this to happen, management must incorporate a philosophy that have individuals with managerial, supervisory, and leadership skills. Organizational success can’t just be done on philosophy alone. There also must be programs in place that sets everyone within an organization for success. All of which are similar in some aspects, but very different in others. Management should also possess those that know what battles to fight, provide guidance when needed, set clear and reasonable objectives, help ...

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