Essay about Management Plan For A Project Management Process

Essay about Management Plan For A Project Management Process

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For every organization, they have their own organizational goals and standards. So based on their goals and standards they have different things to do. The PMBOK® Guide consists of five process groups or phases which are Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing phases these are the standard practices for a project.
 Initiating process (Schwalbe, 2014): In initiating process phase, the project is defined and given approval for the project. This process is done in each and every phase. A project can have different phases involved but every project includes these five phases. The project manager and team must check every time the requirement of the project at each phase in order to confirm the significance of the project continuation. In this phase one has to commence the work, documents learned, assigning resources and acceptance of the customer.
 Planning process (Schwalbe, 2014): This phase is more important for IT projects. Planning phase involves completion of the project scope plan, WBS, schedule of the project plan, cost and procurement of the project plan. According to the research study, the organizations need to spend a certain amount of time on planning and initiating phase. These plans address the knowledge areas. In this phase, we need to estimate the cost and obtain resources for the project. The team members need to reassess the plan at each and every phase of the project.
 Executing Process (Schwalbe, 2014): In executing phase the actions are done based on the demand of planning process. The project manager need to concentrate on executing phase along with the planning phase. The quality of the product need to be checked and also need to manage the stakeholders.
 Monitoring and controll...

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... include the PMBOK process groups because several customers asked for that capability” (Schwalbe, 2014, p. 90).
Agile Methods (Schwalbe, 2014): This method involves the iterative flow of work and delivery of software in less iterations. Agile methods are used more for faster delivery of the project to the customer which considers the business benefits, quality of the product and productivity.
As per my knowledge, every organization has their own objective goals to be met. Some organizations may have unique and some may have approximately same. So to meet the needs or goals of an organization they create new methodologies additional to the five process groups which are the standard practices mentioned in PMBOK® Guide. Whereas these 5 standards are heart of the project management methodology but the organizations need to consider equitable methodologies for their work.

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Essay about Management Plan For A Project Management

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