Essay on Management Of The Workforce Capacity And Capabilities

Essay on Management Of The Workforce Capacity And Capabilities

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The needs of a school are always changing, the amount of students that are enrolled in the school and the focus and direction of the school change all the time. Every year the amount of students that need to be serviced by the school changes based on the amount of students that are coming into the school and the number leaving. The stakeholders of the school have a lot of say in the direction of the school as well. With the big push in technology, schools want to train the students in more technology based programs such as O.R.A.C.L.E. and take out Financial Literacy and cooking class. The number of students that enroll in those classes every year is the ultimate outlook. But, we have to look at how the school and the workforce work to accommodate those numbers and service the school needs.
Management of the Workforces Capacity and Capabilities
Every year the school must look at the numbers of the students that are taking the core content course and determine whether or not the school has the capacity of handling the number of students. South High polls the students of the school to determine what kind of classes they will be interested in taking the following year, the school counselors will do this during the 3rd quarter of each year. This data will used to determine the needs of the school for the following year. Next, the school will draft a master schedule based on the capabilities of the current staff and determine if the school has the capacity to handle that kind of need. If the capacity of a certain content area is not great enough, the school can move capable educator around to fill the voids or hire new teachers to strengthen the numbers. The reverse is true as well, if a content area does not have enoug...

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... and develop their teaching styles. Having the teachers teach different subjects but in the same content will keep teachers from becoming complacent in their teaching. Our school is very good at keeping the educator fresh but not moving the educators around too much. Our school does a great job of foreseeing the position openings that will occur in the future and placing teachers in the appropriate position to ensure the success of the students and the educator.
It can be a difficult process to hire the correct individual for a vacancy in a school to help support the overall school environment and culture. There are many factors that need to be investigated in order to make a decision that will impact the school. By bringing highly qualified individuals that bring a different way of thinking and teaching will help to strengthen the culture of the school

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