The Management Of The Industrial Market Essay

The Management Of The Industrial Market Essay

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The manager’s profession is one of the most required in the industrial market. Business cannot exist without a manager. In vocabulary the world “management” stands for, “the working with and through other people to accomplish the objectives of both the organization and its members”. Every organization works manager at the company, which has its head. Its main duty is included in the company’s internal processes and their combination with external processes. Manager of the growing demand, while requiring a specialist’s attention and needs to be achieved job’s difficulty for the person who manages their activities. It is necessary to differentiate between “management” concepts “from the administration.” In the past, these terms were synonyms of each other. However, in the last 40 years, the term “management” involved much more than administration, which includes procedures for establishing and leading a more narrow sense, for example, the office of administration. ‘Administration” mainly refers to aspects of the organization, and the “management” of the planning, control and motivate the staff procedures. Most organizations have three levels of management: first level of supervision, middle level, managing other managers or supervisors and top level is vice president and higher. First level of manager is responsible. Some researchers believe that the manager has to manage the basic tasks that are associated with systems and structures. The management principles founder Henri Fayol, in his work on “general and Industrial Management” outlined 6 main activities, which should have management: Forecasting, Planning, Organizing, commanding, Coordinating and Controlling. In his opinion, the first five activities were well-known, but the ma...

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...and resources required to accomplish these goals. It is necessary to establish ways of action because of insufficient attention to planning may lead to the company’s loss. Organization is the next stage. At this time, the attention focuses on the actions needed to achieve the goals set, the correct allocation of resources. But how well do not need to be drawn up plans and complete organizational structure, goals cannot achieve without the human factor. That is why we recognize the organization plans to achieve motivation. Control means the periodic review of the goals and tasks of the works. Where we are, how the work, whether external or internal factors have influenced works. Control is necessary to identify possible problems and take timely adjustments to get the desired result. If we take the example of a book “The prince and other writings” by Niccolò Machiavelli

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