Management Of The Golden State Manufacturer Is A Huge Organization Generating Technologies

Management Of The Golden State Manufacturer Is A Huge Organization Generating Technologies

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530 Organizations and Management

Question 1
• Golden state Manufacturer is a huge organisation generating technologies. The main motive of this organisation is to maintain reputation in the market and satisfy their customers.This is one of the top 5 companies in AustraliaThis organisation mainly targetto maintain the stability at no 1 rank positions this company is included in the top five companies of Austrailia and generateshigh-quality textiles in ample numbers.


1. PaknSave – Whereas PaknSave’s target is same with the Golden manufacturing organisation which is shown in the case study, paknSave mainly provides a things of groceries as well as Goldenstate Manufacturer offers textiles to their client.

PaknSave is a organisation that which provides the cheaper rates of food and rates of their commodities in the market. This is a famous companies that are situated in distinctive places in the nation who stipulates their constomers with different varieties of daily life commodities with cheaper rates. (About PaknSave, 2016)

2. Auckland Hospital- The Auckland of Hospital is one of the best healthcare service provider in the nation and this is also a public hospital.The health sector of the authority manages this hospital.Both companies Golden state manufactures and Auckland city hospital is very different in order to provide service and gaining benefit.Golden state manufactures mainly aim on earnings whereas hospital offers the health care service. (Our services)

3. Langham Hotel – This hotel is totally different from manufacturing organisation because hotel gives th...

... middle of paper ... or not.He should put few questions to check the understanding level and commitment.
Step 4
Monitoring of the work
He should check the work that is delegated is on the right track or not because if any problem will occur then they can resolve the issue.Good managing of a tasks or work also reveals well leadership to fellow workers.It is significant for the workers to give report on any type of important data to Ron regularly.
Step 5
Ongoing Process and feedback
The tasks must be continuous and can adjust according to the demands of the employees.Need to give comments to the workers on their work like how they works,they are doing their job accurately or not.So,if there any problem occurs then they can carry it out easily.

Goethals, G. R., Sorenson, G. L., & Burns, J. M. (2004). Encyclopedia of leadership.
Sage Publications.

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