The Management Of The Coles College Of Business, Finance, Accounting, Economics, And Business Law

The Management Of The Coles College Of Business, Finance, Accounting, Economics, And Business Law

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Within the Coles College of Business, I am considering the management major with a focus in entrepreneurship. This major appeals to me because it covers a broad spectrum of concepts that will be beneficial in any business setting. The major requires courses in marketing, finance, accounting, economics, and business law, all of which will be useful in multiple career paths. I plan to select a minor from one of these areas to study more in depth. I am currently interested in the accounting minor because it is important for any businessperson, especially an entrepreneur, to understand how to handle company finances correctly and responsibly. With the right complementary minor, I can gain the most out of a management degree from the Coles College.
A degree in management could lead in me in many different directions. One career option is human resources management. As a human resources manager, I would be responsible for the company’s employee organization, employee services, such as training and payroll, interviewing and hiring new employees, and administering company policies ("What Human Resources Managers Do"). Another optional career path is management analysis. As a management analyst, I would work for a consulting company; a management analyst evaluates the issues in other companies and recommends strategies to fix problems in areas such as finance, marketing, or personnel (“What Management Analysts Do”). Both of these are fine career paths for me upon graduating from the Coles College of Business. However, I have come to Kennesaw State University with a specific career path in mind.
I am pursuing a management degree to be a small business owner. I currently run an e-commerce business selling jewelry and small accessories. As ...

... middle of paper ...

...n order to run a successful business.
Since I have already started my business, it is important to tailor my undergraduate experience to the areas in which I see a need for improvement. I can set myself up for success by diversifying my course load throughout my time at Kennesaw State University. For example, if I take all marketing classes in one semester, I may be missing out on important and useful information from a finance class that could benefit me during that time. By taking a variety of courses at once, I can satisfy all of my degree requirements as well as immediately implement the knowledge I have gained from each area into my small business.
Despite having a career as an artist, I recognize the importance of having a background in business, and I know that the Coles College will give me the tools I need to succeed. I look forward to beginning my journey.

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