Management of Suspected Spinal Injury Essay

Management of Suspected Spinal Injury Essay

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In the case study provided, the unconscious patient needs an assessment and a differential diagnosis completed so that the paramedics know how to treat and to determine if the patient is time or transport critical. A differential diagnosis comes from the paramedics’ education and the patient’s history, current vitals signs, and pertinent knowledge gained from those at the scene. The paramedic must, after the differential diagnosis, have an understanding of the pathophysiological process and how this affects the patient. Due to the patients mechanism of injury they need to be treated as a suspected spinal injury. The patient is to remain still, and requires the paramedic to immobilise the head and neck of the patient without traction (Greaves, Hodgetts, Porter, & Woollard, 2012). A semi-rigid collar needs to be used to help support the head and neck, however the patients head still needs to be immobilised manually to prevent further injury (Greaves, Hodgetts, Porter, & Woollard, 2012). When moving the patient the technique used is a ‘log roll’ (Greaves, Hodgetts, Porter, & Woollard, 2012). With this technique will require assistance of bystanders is necessary so that stability of the spine is preserved (Greaves, Hodgetts, Porter, & Woollard, 2012). The patient will be log rolled onto their right side because of the injury on the left, if they have trauma in their chest cavity log rolling onto their left side could exacerbate the injuries (Greaves, Hodgetts, Porter, & Woollard, 2012). Once patient is on their right side a spinal board ...

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