Management Of Municipal Deficit Infrastructure Essay

Management Of Municipal Deficit Infrastructure Essay

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It is universally agreed that a proper management of municipal deficit infrastructure requires an effective cooperation between all levels of government, from local to federal, with the aim of providing better solutions to infrastructure financing issues. The central governance challenge can be measured by the ability of concerned institutions at all levels to ensure that infrastructure assets meet the needs of the citizen.
We consider the federal government involvement in the establishment of a fully funded and long-term plan to guarantee a sustainable infrastructure management as the central governance governance challenge. In order to determine how the federal government involvement could be articulated in Canada, it is crucial to analyze how the policy responses about the infrastructure deficit management have been formulated in other countries. To make certain that the comparison will be accurate, we will take a country with a federal system into consideration for exemplifying purposes.
Federalism can be defined essentially as “a system of voluntary self-rule and shared rule” (Elazar 1987). In this case, powers are divided and share between provincial governments or state governments depending on the country and the federal government. They are more than twenty federal systems in the world today. But this comparison will be narrowly focused on a country with the same parliamentary democracy based on the Westminster model, Australia.
In order to outline the comparison with Australia, I will first describe the form of constitutional protection for Australian municipalities and their structures and, next, describe how the get funding from the federal government.
The framework for the roles of local governments in Australia is...

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...vernment. ALGA advocated the necessity that the principle of elected Local government must be confirmed in the Australian Constitution and the constitutions of each state and the Northern Territory. The recognition of local government in Australian Constitution was ratified by the Senate on 7 September 2006 and by the House of Representatives on 17 October 2006.
In summary, the local governments’ need for financial assistance is more than clear; So only a strong partnership between all three spheres of government can help maintain the infrastructure in good condition while enhancing the municipalities’ financial and governance capacity. The Australian Government demonstrates its commitment to contribute to the upgrade of the existing community asset. However, more significant effort is sill required to meet the shortfall and to overcome the infrastructure deficit.

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