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The Management Of A Hotel Essay

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After reading the first part of the report, the things I would see as priorities would be initially to develop the knowledge bank on the hotel business overseas. Whilst the process of running a hotel in one country will be very similar to that of running one in another country, there are a number of things the business will not understand, and to avoid risk they need to quickly grasp the peculiarities of the local market quickly. Utilising the team of consultants employed will be critical, no information they provide should be ignored, it will all help.
I would then focus on the development of the personnel the business employs, given the news that a number of the management team would like to work overseas, a plan would have to be put in place to ensure that when they do move abroad, that they are ready to move abroad. Not just in terms of language, but on man management as well.
The rebranding of the hotel as and the management of that rebranding will of course be critical, and I would suggest that a team of project managers be hired to do that (for all construction and facilities activities), leaving the management team to work on the staffing and cultural issues. The staffing issues will be focused on hiring a new team to work in each hotel, and whilst that could be done directly, that would take time. I would suggest that the appointment of a recruitment company would help on two fronts - they would be faster at sourcing applicants, and they will be able to provide local information which shall help all parties in the company move forward.
Moving on to the adverts for the staff needed I would propose the following advert be used -
Hotel Manager(s),
France (various locations)
Salary negotiable plus excellent expat benefits...

... middle of paper ...

...somewhat different.
I would opt for Candidate E if I were the management team of the Group. When you consider his educational background (the French place great stall on a University education), his year spent immersed in French culture, his language skills and desire to further develop them, and his knowledge of the firm’s processes due to his time with the firm, his ambition and age make him an ideal applicant. His only minor concern is his age and how it would be perceived by the locals, but with the firm’s support this could easily be countered. Of course the firm would have to support him in a few areas; a language development course to enhance his current aptitude, cultural integration classes and support establishing a social & personal network, including a new home, but as we found earlier there are firms that could provide this support on the firm’s behalf.

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