Management Minor At The University Of California Essay

Management Minor At The University Of California Essay

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I am applying to management minor at the University of California, Irvine is to highlight my business skills and experience. As a management minor, it will help me a lot to get some real world business experience along with it will also help me to make better decision in my life. Also, I choose to do management minor because I come from a family with a business background, where in the future, I might be able to join them in the business. However, my father and my father brother do not have that much experiences, since they did not have a chance to take those business courses, as I could. Also, management minor will not only help me with a better decision making in the future, but it will also help me to increase the knowledge about leadership skills, principle of motivation, communication, and organizational change in the world. Moreover, minoring in management will give me plenty of opportunities to go further in a field that many people always happen to struggle to extend their business or compete in a business field. From this minor, I will be able to have a good understanding about the business as well as good skills in the practice of management, which will assist me to take my family business to the highest level in the market.

My management minor to contribute to my undergraduate education is by letting me take those management courses that will help me to assist with the globally real world business experience in the future in my career field. Also, those courses were not just a random classes in which we basically learn in a quarter and then forget about it, those management classes are lifetime classes that tend to give you such a big real experience about the business world, in which I felt it was true as a take gave...

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...clearing the building of patrons, upholding general maintenance of study areas and in which it involves a lot of leadership, communication, and teamwork. These were some of the unbelievable opportunities which I tend to believe that we cannot learn anywhere else except our workplace. Also, in this case, these skills do not become valuable until we actually start using them at some place, which I believe cannot be done through just reading books or study for a course.

Finally, in the future, I really hope that I get to experience and learn those that I did not have a chance to learn in minor at university of California, Irvine. In the future, I will finally will be able to join one of a biggest firm where I plan to work as a manger in an accounting, which I believe it was only possible because of the studying courses that were required and professional who taught us.

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