The Management Failure Of Tyco International Essay

The Management Failure Of Tyco International Essay

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The Management Failure of Tyco International

Tyco International was founded by Edward Breen in 1960 (Wikipedia, 2007). According to Wikipedia, (2007), Tyco International’s operational headquarters is located in Princeton, New Jersey, and employs 247,900 employees. Dennis Kozlowski became the CEO in 1992, leading with aggressiveness acquiring several other companies into the organization (Wikipedia, 2007). In 1999, after a stock split, rumors began to spread about Tyco’s accounting habits. It was said that Tyco was producing irregular financial accounts, but was denied by Tyco’s leaders. Throughout the years of Kozlowski’s leadership, Tyco merged and bought out several companies, making their profits grow beyond 30 billion dollars, but doubled its long term debt by over 10 billion dollars (Wikipedia, 2007).

In the event of trying to pull things back together, Kozlowski caused the company more harm. According to Kay, (2002), “The American-based conglomerate Tyco International Ltd. is in deep crisis following a wave of revelations concerning the corrupt practices of the company and its top management.” As things worsened, Kozlowski resigned while the stock was plummeting. A bankruptcy for Tyco International would mean that 240,000 employees would be out of work, which would have sent shockwaves through the economy (Kay, 2002). Acquisitions and financial manipulations lead to huge profits for Tyco over a long period of time.

Tyco faced bankruptcy because of failed tricks by its accounting department and fraudulent activity by the company’s leaders. Kozlowski was accused of applying millions of dollars to his personal life. His greed and misguidance cost the company billions of dollars, him his freed...

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...ategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. By using all of these components, Tyco International was able to produce valuable products under an honest leadership.

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