Management At The Hotel Northampton Essay

Management At The Hotel Northampton Essay

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I was fortunate enough to have experienced first hand and learned, many different sides of what goes on in the hotel industry. Five out of the ten years in the hotel industry, I worked as a housekeeping assistant manager in overseeing operations, assigning tasks and performing room inspections. The general aspects of projects were planned, developed and detail at every stage. It was my obligation to maintain the highest standards of performance of the hotels to establish and support a working environment that recognized every employee 's dignity and worth to encourage collaboration, innovation, and quality work. In chapter one, I will discuss my area of learning on Strategies for efficient management in the hotel industry. I will explain my Strategies and learning experiences when I worked at the Hotel Northampton.
Communication is essential in any job, but working in the hotel industry, it depended on every second of every day. Miscommunication can lead to the unexpected and at times become disastrous. When I first started at the Hotel Northampton, I noticed quite a few miscommunication issues. For example, after checking in late night, the guest in room 219 requested a late check out time and was given a late checkout time of 1300 as requested. The next morning, housekeeping was knocking on the door at 10am, then again about 15 minutes later, which was followed by two phone calls from the front desk before noon. Needless to the guests were not happy. Their request was not fulfilled and understandably, the guests were disappointed. According to Barrows & Powers (2008), “Communication is vital to the customer because it imparts a feeling of satisfaction as he pays for the product and the service being offered.”...

... middle of paper ... them. I also put together a bulletin board and allowed the staff to put pictures of their families and decorate for the holidays. This was kept in the housekeeping office and served as a great conversation starter for staff and visitors. In time, I learned that the more I knew about the staff and the better our relationship became.
Being flexible with the needs of the staff also helped with everyone working together. For example, the housekeeper who volunteered to work on her scheduled weekend off so an employee could tend to their sick child, or the weekend we were short staffed and the housekeepers, maintenance and laundry personnel all pulled together to make sure guest rooms were ready prior to guest arrival. To even the one or two housekeepers who worked a few extra hours in the evening to babysit a child while the guests enjoyed a quiet evening dinner.

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