Management And The Primary Functions Of Management Essay examples

Management And The Primary Functions Of Management Essay examples

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Throughout the twentieth century, management might be considered as the most crucial innovation; it is the most directly impact of the young and educated people in colleges or universities who is going to be future’s knowledge workers in managed organisations (Drucker & Maciariello, 2008). For the primary functions of management, Fayol (1916) first defined it as planning, organising, staffing and controlling (Fayol cited in Northouse, 2013).
Nevertheless, It is complex to defined the word ‘leadership’; Leadership study is a discipline which have continued to evolve; and the concept of leadership will also developing. Boddy (2014) identified that leadership is the process of individuals who influenced the activities of other individuals in order to achieve high levels of goal setting. In essence, managers and leaders are the same type of people. For example, most excellent managers at all layered levels are also good leaders in today’s corporations. In addition, most people can exploit the leadership capacities through the education of leadership (Daft & Lane, 2011). Both management and leadership are the necessary existences in organisations; it must lead to high performance through the effective manner. In general, leadership is not the replacement of management; it is considered as the additional part of management. Leadership is the process which is similar to management in many aspects. However, although the terms leadership and management are often replace each other, they are not the same thing. Managers may sometimes be leaders and leaders may sometimes be managers, but leadership and management are definitely two different courses (Daft, 1999). This essay is going to have a discussion with the differences between manageme...

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... finish their individual tasks; good leaders always pay attention to their followers, like, how to make them aware of their responsibility to do job well? However, management is also similar to leadership sometimes. Leadership included influences as well as management; leadership concerned with achieving organisation’s goals, which management concerned as well. To summarize, although management is different from leadership in some fields, they are both necessary for an organisation to make a progress. Organisations need a good combination of management and leadership to make them survive as long as they can and with sustainable development. Due to the limitations, this essay only compared with three aspects within management and leadership. In the future, the more and more differences or similarities between management and leadership will be find out and investigate.

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