Essay about Management and Organizational Behavior: The Proposal

Essay about Management and Organizational Behavior: The Proposal

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What drives motivation? How far will one go to achieve their goal? Does it mean compromising their ethical beliefs or will they succeed following their ethical compass? For many, they will do just about anything, include being unethical. No boundary, no barrier, no obstacle will stop them. A great example is Margaret Tate, an Executive Editor in Chief of a book publishing firm from the movie “The Proposal”. The movie depicts various management and observation behavior concepts covered in Organizational Behavior such as communication process model, power and counter power, the MARS Model, and values and ethics.
The communication process model was illustrated in the beginning of the film when the receptionist sends out the instants message to other employees to warn them of Margret who was making her way to the office. The information got through the office before Margret walks in and everyone pretended to be working in her presence as she walked through the office. This illustrates how fast information was send through electronic communication and the receivers understood what the message meant. The employees knew how to act and avoid getting in the way of Margret before she walked in. The receptionist who originally sends out the message received the feedback through indirect evidence from the employee’s action which meant that the receiver understood the transmitted message.
In addition there were two parts of communication channels that were depicted in this movie. A verbal communication channel was portrayed when Margaret went over to Bob’s office to fire him. Their face to face interaction allowed Bob to verbally express his emotion through the use of vocal intonation and facial expression. Margaret was able to under...

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... the MARS model. There were also different kinds of communication channels that were depicted in a few of the scenes from the movie. It was clear that Margaret’s power over Andrew influences his decision to follow through with Margret’s plan and vice versa. And Andrew also uses his counter power to get what he wants out of the deal they’ve made. Towards the end of the movie, it all came down to be Margaret’s ethical value. The stressed of keeping up with the lies and going through a change of emotion was enough for Margret to confess the truth and accepted the fact that she was going to be deported back to Canada.

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