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The Man Who Succeeded Essay

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Ritesh Agarwal- The man who succeeded in getting what he dreamed of
You might have heard about many personalities and their success stories or about their struggling life, but the personality which I am going to talk about in later para is far away from them. What I mean is that the person is totally different from them and he marked a spot among the existing business tycoons and left a question behind them that whether a guy who is just 17 years of age can climb the stairs of success so quickly or not. Well, he is at the zenith of his career and he thought of expanding his business which he previously thought not to abjure at the mid way if any pitfall comes in between. You are getting baffled whom I am talking about, right. Well, he is none other than the founder of OYO Rooms. He is Ritesh Agarwal.
The founder and the CEO of OYO rooms is a teenage boy who succeeded in getting what is dreamed of. Currently, OYO rooms is the fasted growing network of online and offline hotel info provider.
At present, the valuation of this company is over 360 crore and it does nothing by simply providing the coolest yet simplest hotel rooms in all over India. OYO rooms is still expanding its business and soon it’s going to reach at each corner of the country to help the people in getting a convenient room at the budget. Even we can say it as a budget hotel provider. No extra charges and no add- ons. The best business till now in this segment in India.
The tall, whitish curly hair guy is nothing different from others. If you try to find out Ritesh in the crowd you wouldn’t find him easily as he is just like the others. But, you must know that a person with simple personality working 16 hours a day can get his dream fulfilled by working hard. Is ...

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...out, right. It is a simple online portal which helps to get a hotel room in any location of India under the budget easily. As time passes, OYO rooms got its position among the existing businesses and by the end of 2013 it enhanced its connections over many parts of the country by connecting with the major hotels of India.
In 2014, OYO Rooms raised a funding of 4 crore from DSG Consumer Partners & Lightspeed Venture Partners. Since then, OYO has become the biggest technology giant and widespread its connection over 20 cities with a huge database of 350+ hotels and around 4000 rooms across the country. At present, if you want to access OYO Rooms you can download its mobile application and can book your budget hotel easily and conveniently. The larger your dreams the more you have to work hard for getting it. Ritesh Agarwal did the same and he got what he dreamed of.

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