Man vs. Nature in Princess Mononoke Essay

Man vs. Nature in Princess Mononoke Essay

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Can humans dominate nature? Once nature is moved, people are not quite sure what will happen next whether there would be an epic battle wages between the encroaching civilization of man and gods of the forest just like what happens in the film of Hayao Miyazaki or not. It is possible that there could be a war which will threatens to unbalance the forces of nature. In the film Princess Mononoke, The idea of man vs. nature is presented; the animals are anthropomorphized to represent nature while the humans hints man’s ability to either destroy or protect nature, and through these characters, the film sends the message that nature should be protected at all cost.
Princess Mononoke is an anime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This plot follows the daily adventure of Prince Ashitaka. A prince from an extinct village and clan of people, who was attacked a demonic and possessed boar. This boar infects Ashitaka with the deadly curse as he kills the boar for trying to save his village. The people from the same village find a huge metal from the dead, demonic boar. In order for him to stop himself from getting killed due, he is then forced to cut his hair, a ritual for their culture, and leave his village to go find a cure, and find out what caused the boar to act like a demon. Along the way, Ashitaka finds out that his arm does not only makes him weak, but it also gives him some kind of superpowers. As he goes on his journey, he meets Jiko, a monk who helps him and gives him a shelter for a night to stay. Ashitaka tries to ask for direction from Jiko after letting him know his purpose on this journey. The next day, Ashitaka leaves and keeps going. But later on, Jiko is actually working for a woman called Lady Eboshi. This woman is the ...

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