Man vs Himself in The Culprit, by Rich McKee Essay

Man vs Himself in The Culprit, by Rich McKee Essay

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One of the most profound conflicts a character can face is when he's at odds with himself. In The Culprit, Sean McDuff is fighting an internal battle, McDuff goes from living a loving life with his wife to finding out she’s not here, shortly finding out he has terminal cancer with only about a year to live, and he also starts to entertain another women. “You would think a good teacher, especially a professor could cast off depression from personal lost, and growing disgust with a profession” (1). One would say he’s crazy and make very irrational decisions.
McDuff struggles between the decision to move on and love again or to stay single and never love again. As, the books opening McDuff talks about how his beloved wife suddenly and unexpectedly dies from a brain aneurysm “one day she’s here and happy then next the horrendous harbingers- head aches wrenching neck pain”: Strike one.(1). He so caught up with the depression he doesn’t really notice that another women likes him. Jane Green a student in his British lit survey class, Jane and McDuff meet up very periodically throughout the book every time Jane and McDuff engages in a conversation he usually sometimes has a flashback of his wife. “Jane, keep in mind that if you add a smart husband to your life, and of course you are no dummy, then maybe one more intelligent kid won’t hurt. The odds are with you.” Mac rumbles to himself… why didn’t I think of that when Sarah was fertile and willing? (Page.14)As the book unfold it seems like the more interaction he has with Jane the less he thinks about his wife, however he still misses his wife (Chap.8 & 9) .McDuff finally realize he has feelings for Jane, when seconds away from blowing up the school he notice Jane walks in the scho...

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... interests the battery, and screws the cap back on”, but Jane keeps him from going through with as soon as he sees Jane he bails out (68&69). After that he eventually finds out that his test results was wrong he never had terminal cancer Pg.73) Anything we go through is to only make us stronger !

Overall, McDuff made irrational decisions McDuff struggle to overcome the decision he made within himself, the internal battle he constantly beat his self-up. McDuff is constantly at war with his-self battling his thoughts, choices, and actions though out the book he finds out he has terminal with months to live two years after his wife dies. He struggle between his feelings for his dead wife to his feelings for another woman. McDuff is seconds away from taking himself out but like always love perseveres and changed his actions. Love is what last but hate comes first!

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