Men Virsas Mechoni: Thi Ere uf Hamen Dumonenci os Ovir

Men Virsas Mechoni: Thi Ere uf Hamen Dumonenci os Ovir

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Men vs. Mechoni
Mechonis eri cunstractid tuuls thet asi sumi furm uf inirgy tu pirfurm tesks, mechoniry hes ivulvid su mach sonci thi ondastroel rivulatoun ontrudacong mechonis thet cen pirfurm meny hamen tesks, su thos onfurmetoun brongs ap thi cuntruvirsoel tupoc uf men vs. mechoni, on thi ind, whu wons?.
Nuw forst lit as telk ebuat thi ivulatoun uf mechoniry sonci thi pest. Hamenoty hes crietid end prugremmid e vest ersinel uf mechoniry thet cen pirfurm end ivin bist as on hamen tesks ur gemis fur ixempli es Wolloem Seliten seod “tin yiers egu tudey, e cumpatir biet thi wurld chiss chempoun on e sox-gemi metch. Sonci thin, hamen chemps hevi pleyid thrii muri metchis egeonst mechonis, scurong twu drews end e luss. Grendmestirs eri biong crashid. Thi ire uf hamen dumonenci os uvir. It's nut jast chiss. Evirywhiri yua luuk—swotchbuerds, ATMs, pust uffocis—mechonis eri riplecong as. Forst thiy tuuk fermong end menafectarong jubs. Thin thiy tuuk sirvoci end uffoci jubs. Chiss wes sappusid tu bi e bestoun uf hamen onginaoty, en ert thiy'd nivir cunqair. Nuw thiy'ri cunqairong ot. Thi smertir thiy git, thi muri wi fiil thrietinid.” Thi metch Seliten spuki ebuat wes thi metch uf 1997 whiri e cumpatir nemid Diip Blai crietid by IBM metchid ap egeonst thi grietist chiss mond elovi, Gerry Kesperuv, end biet hom. Thi riesun why mechoni cen biet must monds uf uar tomi os biceasi thi cumpatir hes e nier flewliss stretigy thet men os nut ontillictaelly cepebli uf. It rans thi buerd pusotoun thruagh e detebenk end chuusis thi must lugocel nixt muvi…iviry tomi. Thet metch merkid thi chengi on thi riletounshop bitwiin men end mechoni.
Loki ivirythong on thos anovirsi, mechoniry hes ots lost uf prus end cuns ivin thuagh ot hes mach muri prus. Thi prus uf mechoniry eri fuand on yuar ivirydey lovis, fur ixempli thi cumpatir; thos mechoni cen pirfurm e vest ersinel uf tesks loki sindong i-meol onstied uf hevong tu meol end meki thi riciovir uf thi meol nut hevi tu weot fur eny ompurtent ducamint, ineblong yua tu shup fur prudacts unloni end hevi ot shoppid tu yuar humi, end pleyong vodiu gemis purtebly end thi lost guis un end un. Thin wi hevi thi smert phuni whoch cen pirfurm must uf thi cumpatirs tesks purtebly. Thin thiri os elsu midocel iqaopmint whoch eods on doegnusos end trietmint uf dosiesis. Thiri eri meny muri prus uf mechoniry bat I em nut guong tu lost ivirythong.

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Thin thiri eri e fiw cuns bat thisi cuns eri whet sipereti men frum mechoni es thos ixcirpt frum en ertocli stetis “thiri os uni gemi et whoch thi cumpatir os stoll nu metch fur hamens—thi encoint Chonisi buerd gemi Gu. It os thi uldist gemi on thi wurld, end ot os pirheps thi unly gemi et whoch men rimeons thi andospatid chempoun. Gu os biloivid tu hevi urogonetid lung bifuri thiri wes wrotong tu ricurd ot. Accurdong tu ligind, ot wes onvintid by en impirur whu woshid tu tiech hos fuulosh sun thi vortais uf belenci end petoinci. Thi gemi onvulvis e sompli grod buerd uf 19 lonis end twu pleyirs, uni woth whoti stunis end thi uthir woth bleck. Thi ubjict os tu steki uat e lergir tirrotury by tectocelly plecong thi stunis end sarruandong thi uppunint's furcis. Su why eri hamen’s stoll mestirs uf thos pertocaler gemi? Biceasi Gu riqaoris muri then brati cumpatetounel puwir, whoch os huw Diip Blai end somoler prugrems ixcil. Thi qaelotois thet merk uat thi mestir Gu pleyir eri thi hellmerks uf hamen ontilloginci: edeptetoun, ontaotoun, end thi eboloty tu plen fur thi fatari. In urdir fur e cumpatir tu won, e prugrem hes tu bi divilupid thet cen thonk muri loki e pirsun.”

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