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This photo taken back in World War II, depicts a defiant prisoner who would not bow down to the soldier he was staring at. The lone prisoner is the main focus of this photo, as he stands up for those who did not have the courage. This photograph was taken in August of 1941, during World War II, outside of a prisoners of war camp. The man standing behind the fence is a soviet soldier who was taken prisoner. The picture shows a time of war depicted by the mass amount of differences observed, but the photo is based off the defiance of the soldier.
War is a huge part of history throughout the world, and is a large part of the theme in this photo. War is clearly a part of this photo due to the vastly decorated and well made uniforms. The uniforms are those that are worn by the German Nazis present in the photograph. The main soldier, with a look of disgust on his face, is Heinrich Himmler. It is easy to tell Himmler is an important figure due to his belt being different from the other German Nazis. Heinrich Himmler was actually Hitler’s right hand man and is said to be the most evil of all Nazis. He was in charge of all the concentration camps, which is where he is shown in the picture walking around the camp. Also, there is a razor sharp, 10-foot tall barbed wire fence separating the Nazi soldiers and their prisoners. The jagged barbed wire fence signifies that the sickly prisoners are being held against their will in the name of war. The prisoners are trapped as though they are a fish confined in an aquarium. War is the reason why these men are held captive and also the setting for this photograph.
There is a mass amount of differences in the photograph, which is how you can tell who the prisoners are and who the Nazi soldiers are...

... middle of paper ...

...behind the act. The prisoner is being defiant to show he will not give up, even though he resembles a skeleton with skin and it seems as though the only possession he has is his ragged hat. While the likelihood of being free again is small, the look on his face resembles the look of hope. The prisoner stands, glares at Himmler and is defiant to the evil the soldiers stand for.
This photo once analyzed further than a glance, shows a brave young prisoner being defiant towards the larger power, Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi party. The photo is meant to show that one even when conquered one should not give up on what they believe in. This prisoner, through his defiance, created looks of hope on the other prisoner’s faces. This photo contains the idea of war, obvious differences to show the unjust ways of World War II, and mostly the defiance of one single prisoner.

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