The Man 's Life - Original Writing Essay

The Man 's Life - Original Writing Essay

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“That was quite a performance there Shane.” Emile said from the doorway.
He was pretty tall and had medium length hair that had a hint of red in it. Just the way his face was shaped made him look mean. His eyes seemed to be a darker black than Shay’s were. I knew that he wasn’t going give me a warm welcoming to the wolf family. Emile looked like he was in his late thirties.
I didn’t know that Shay’s real name was Shane, but right now I couldn’t think about it because Emile was looking me up and down like I was some science project.
Emile took four long strides before he was right in front of me. I was still up on the counter so I was a little bit taller than he was, but he was still really scary.
“Hmmmm yeah she will look really nice in my strip club right next to Ivy on that stage.” He rubbed his chin like he was just picturing it.
“Excuse me?” I asked, disbelieving.
“Aubrey don’t…..” Shay started, but Emile cut him off.
“What were you going to say, darling?” He asked stepping really close to me. I crossed my legs and scooted back on the counter.
“I’m not a fucking stripper and you are not the boss of me. Why don’t you just leave Shay the hell alone so we can live without the fear that you will murder him for every wrong step he makes!” I got progressively louder as I talked and I could see Shay wince in the corner of my eyes. I knew I was walking a very thin line between safe and dead.
“It was a joke, Bre. Can I call you Bre? You see, I have heard from my little birdie that Shay has changed you into a Wilcze Panna, is what I’m hearing correct?” Emile asked taking a step back so that he could see both Shay and I.
I shot a quick glance at Shay but his expression was stone hard and I couldn’t read it. So I just went with...

... middle of paper ...

...l and I shuddered.
“Listen Axel, Emile knows that I was lying to him about that and once he makes sure that he is one hundred percent positive that I was lying, he will come right back to nag at me. I bet he will just ask Caleb a couple of questions then let him go. Just relax man.” Shay said as Axel loosened his grip on Shay’s shirt. I let out a relieved breath that I didn’t know I was holding.
“If he doesn’t come back or if he comes back with anymore than a couple of scratches, I’m calling an Alpha oath.” Axel said in an evil voice.
Shay cut his palm open and Axel did the same. They did a blood swear but they started to speak in Polish.
Axel nodded and walked out of the house slamming the door behind him.
“What’s an Alpha oath?” I asked wearily.
“If Caleb comes back with any more than a couple of scratches and bruises then Axel and I will fight to the death.”

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