The Man Of The Father Of Evolution Essay

The Man Of The Father Of Evolution Essay

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Chances are you have heard of him. A certain English naturalist and geologist, a person christened the “father of evolution”. A very remarkable person indeed, a person whose revolutionary ideas are celebrated every year on his birthday (which is on the same day as Abraham Lincoln’s). A rather logical person whose decision to marry was based off of a pros and cons list. A person who heavily contributed to the science of evolution, and also developed the theory of natural selection. A person who has established that all living species have descended from common ancestors. Chances are you have heard of this person, a certain Charles Darwin.
Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12th, 1809 in Shrewsbury Shropshire. Shrewsbury Shropshire was a small town located in England. Darwin was born in his family’s home, The Mount. Darwin was the fifth of six children. Darwin was born into a wealthy family full of renowned scientists. Darwin’s father, Robert Darwin was a doctor, his grandfather was a botanist, and his uncle was an inventor. Darwin would continue the trend and become the most famous member of his already well known family.
Darwin attended the school at his church until he turned sixteen. When Darwin was sixteen he enrolled in the extremely prestigious Edinburgh University alongside his older brother Erasmus Darwin. His father wanted for him to become a doctor. But Darwin thought his school’s lectures were boring, and surgery made him uneasy.Therefore Darwin did not pay too much attention and neglected his studies. His father suggested for him to become a member of clergy, but Darwin was far more interested in studying natural history.
After spending two years in Edinburgh University, Darwin became a student in Christ’...

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...38. As stated earlier Darwins decision to marry come from his pros and cons list, the pro side being “A constant companion ... better than a dog anyway” and the cons being “Less money for books” and “Terrible loss of time”. Emma accepted the proposal, and the couple got married on January 29th 1839. Darwin and Emma had ten children together, three of which died as children but the other seven lived long lives, with three of them even becoming knighted. In 1839 Darwin’s journals of his time on the Beagle had been edited and published; the book, The Voyage of the Beagle became a bestseller. Almost twenty years after his first book Darwin released his second one, On the Origin of Species the book that received international renown, and also convinced many scientists of descent from a common ancestor. Charles Robert Darwin died on April 19th 1882 of coronary thrombosis.

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