The Man Of Mode Of The Group Essay

The Man Of Mode Of The Group Essay

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We often see a pattern where like attract like. People who have the same habit or values can easily find some common topics of conversation. They enjoy to communicate and stay together. Then group arises as time passes. The group runs like a microcosm of society. Every one play a different role in this group. Some people play as small roles in this group. Some people play are punching bags in the group. Some people are good at flattery in that group. However, there is one kind of person who act as a leader in the group. They are attractive, charming, popular and sought-after. They are the center in the group and lead the group with other following. This kind of people are born for social activities and always can get satisfaction of being the center of the group. Good examples are Mr. Dorimant in the Man of Mode (George Etherege, 2007) and Regina George (Rachel Mcadams) in Mean Girls (Mark Waters, 2004). From Mr. Dorimant and Regina, we can find as the key figure in their groups, they have some similarities in some ways. They are very influential and people adore them. On the other h...

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