Essay about The Man Of Men Are Staying At The Inn

Essay about The Man Of Men Are Staying At The Inn

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“Did you see the three females who are staying at the inn?” Jack asked.
“I saw them, sword maidens by the look of them I 'd say,” Joshua answered.
“You can tell that just by looking at them?” Jack asked.
“Well it was more the way they looked at me that gave them away, the look of contempt for males in general, not just me, they gave the same look to every other male regardless of species. Plus the human and the jorp carried swords with the mark of the sword maidens on the hilt. The dragoness had a pair of wicked looking long knives, and she sent a little tongue of flame my way when I got too close.”
Jack guffawed, “Not very friendly of them, treating the Gray Knight himself that way.”
Joshua got thoughtful, then he said, “I think you and I should go have a talk with them, find out what their business is here and remind them to be civil to the residents of Gray Village regardless of gender.”
“Should we armor up?” Jack asked.
Joshua said, “No, they 're not wearing armor, it would just make us look weak and put them in the wrong frame of mind. Just to show them how confident we are, no weapons either, but just in case send Pawle in ahead of us and tell him to bring his sword.”

They found the sword maidens in the tavern, the human was holding a knife to a male patron 's throat.
“PIG!” The dark haired woman spat.
“APE!” The porka countered.
Joshua shouted, “DESIST SWORD MAIDEN.”
The woman pushed the Porka roughly to the ground and turned to face him, she sheathed her dagger and drew her sword instead, she looked at Joshua with disgust.
“What business is it of yours male,” she said icily and took a step toward him and lifted the tip of her sword to his face.
Joshua pushed her sword aside and stepped forward and said, “I am the Gray...”...

... middle of paper ...

...“I found out that those three bitches are completely unreasonable, let them stew for another day or two.” Jack said irritably. “Other than that I found out absolutely nothing other than the practically worship Akemi.”
Joshua said, “I 'd hoped to be rid of these pests before we get tied up with the new at-arms. I hate to incur Akemi 's ire, after she played so nice with us last time, but we need her if we 're to get through to those thick-headed sword maidens. Would you send Pawle with a message for Akemi?”
“She 'd just ignore it, I 'll go myself, I 'll convince her to come, maybe make it a field trip for her trainees, we 'll let them into the command center to see the code of the Knights of Morpheus carved into the wall, that never fails to impress the newbies.”
Joshua said, “Do it.”
“I 'll be back no later than tomorrow morning, sooner if Akemi 's not too stubborn.”

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