The Man Is Wearing The Same Small Cap Essay

The Man Is Wearing The Same Small Cap Essay

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A young boy stands behind a wooden podium atop a stage-like structure. The boy is clothed in black slacks; a white button down shirt; a small fabric cap, placed on the top of his head; and a scarf type garment resting on his shoulders. In his hand, the boy grasps a silver, intricately detailed rod. He is using the small metal rod to slowly scan the text that lies before him on the podium. He reads the text aloud, slowly and clearly – truly savoring each word as they exit his lips. To his left side are what appear to be his parents. They too are formally dressed; both of them have similar long pieces of beautifully detailed cloth on their shoulders. The man is wearing the same small cap. To the boy’s right is what appears to be an authority figure, as he hovers above the boy, scanning the text. When the child makes an error reading the text, the man corrects him. Beyond the stage like structure are rows of wooden benches. A crowd of observers has formed to watch the child read the foreign scripture. Some are crying, some are dozing off and others watch intently.
The bar (or bat) mitzvah is a somewhat modern ritual that has taken roots within the Jewish religion and all of society.
It should be noted that there are many different forms and traditions within the ritual. Many will have commonalities, but the ritual varies vastly across the spectrum of Judaism. (I.e.: Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Orthodox, etc.) Continually, many traditions are not universal, but rather small, family created traditions. Yet, the core traditions of the ritual are stead fast and firmly established within the religion and culture.
The age-old question asked to a young Jew in Christian dominated America is the ever faithful and ever confou...

... middle of paper ... be considered an adult within the community or to even enter heaven. The practice has simply become normalized and expected in today’s culture.
Furthermore many religions believe in the concept of hell, and thus, utilize the fear of burning in hell to become a non-sinner. However, Judaism does not share this belief. It is understood that in order to be a good person, one must do such naturally, lacking the incentive or fear of heaven and hell. Similarly, the child, after becoming a bar mitzvah, becomes solely responsible for being a good person, without incentive nor punishment.
The bar (or bat) mitzvah is a modern ritual that has taken roots within the Jewish religion and all of society. It’s symbolism and explicit traditions reflect and embody the ideals of Judaism. The ritual must be understood thoroughly in order to grasp the concept of Judaism as a whole.

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