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The Man Behind The Title
Do you recall when you were a younger or even now: when your mother would make you get all dress up on Sunday and take you to Church? When you would sit down and watch a guy standing there speaking the words of the lords. You were simply just sitting there listening to him but wondering why people were so inspired of his words or even what was so great about this person.
This year I met the amazing Chaplain, he has been working at Elmhurst College for more than 15 years. His name is Scott Matheney, a native out of San Diego California and lived in New York for 15 year and who currently resides in Elmhurst. When I learned about what the work Scott has done, I was really moved and I wanted to know more of what he has done for his self, for this community and others. Scott’s education background was outstanding to me. He graduated with political science and sociology and special fields of emphasis in Latin America, from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington. Also he went to Princeton Theological Seminary, for his master degree in Hebrew scripture and p...

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