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The Man Behind the Cult Classic Essay

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John Ronald Reuel (J. R. R.) Tolkien, as Michael Coren said, “The Genius behind The Lord of the Rings”, was born in Bloemfontein, South America on January 3, 1892. Despite being born in South America his father, Arthur Reuel Tolkien, and mother, Mabel Suffield, are pure European. His father died in February 15, 1896 and after the family moved back to England his mother died on November 14, 1904 from diabetes. The death left Tolkien and his brother Hilary Tolkien orphaned at age 12. They were adopted by Father Francis who was a catholic priest that visited the family regularly, and under his guardianship John mastered Latin and Greek at 12. As Tolkien grew older he attempted to study at Exeford College in Oxford where he received a disappointing second class degree in Honour Moderations, the “midway” stage of a 4-year Oxford “Greats”, otherwise known as Classics, course. He decided to change his school from the Classics to the more convenient English Language and Literature, and there he found a large source of inspiration for some of his early and inchoate, just beginning, attempts at realizing a world of ancient beauty in his versifying.
In 1914 World War I broke out, and unlike his peers Tolkien returned to Oxford where he would soon receive a first-class degree in 1915. At this time he also worked on writing poems and creating his own languages, one in particular that he came to called Qenya, which was heavily influenced by Finnish. Soon Tolkien enlisted as a second lieutenant in the Lancashire Fusiliers while he worked on ideas of the journeys of Earendel the Mariner. He returned from the war after suffering “Trench Fever” which is a form of typhus-like infection common in the unsanitary conditions of the trenches. All but o...

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...he earth.” (
The whole story includes examples of man versus supernatural when Morgoth has a servant named Sauron that was deceived with promise of power. The Valaraukar, the god-killers, fought against the Valar and this caused discord amongst the humans and elves. However this is an inadvertent conflict it is one nonetheless, in which the people must struggle to overcome the chaos. Throughout the book there is non-stop conflict of supernatural versus supernatural, man versus the supernatural, and religious parallels.

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