Man and the Pathways that Lead to Becoming a Gentleman Essay

Man and the Pathways that Lead to Becoming a Gentleman Essay

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The true purpose of every man is to become a gentleman- the level of maturity. A gentleman is the one who focuses his joys upon wisdom. There many pathways unto becoming a gentleman but there are also many adversaries on this path. Although most adversaries are outsides of man, the greatest of them all is the adversary. This adversary has existed since the creation of the world; it is a great virus that has ruled over man by infesting every segment of his heart with its disease. The disease creates a pathway unto man’s demise by slowing and inevitably crippling his purpose. Ignorance is becomes a barrier between the relationship that man must have with learning. Ignorance exists to be the only separator of man and true maturity.
Therefore, Man find himself constrained in his ability to grow in wisdom and understanding. However, there is an answer against ignorance; it is an answer that liberates man from the clutches of ignorance by constraining with wisdom and humility while revealing unto him that the sky is just the beginning. This answer is known as knowledge, it is the self-realization that “learning should never cease” because ignorance only exist in the heart of the unlearned man.
One of the great reflections of ignorance governing the mind of an unlearned is the holocaust. A mass destruction that was aimed the Jewish people based on the fact that Hitler believed that “the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew” (Hitler 225). The whole world was in embarrassed by the fact that such horrendous acts could be committed by one who considered himself to be a human being, yet the world failed to realize that holocaust happened due to the fact that men allowed themselves to be co...

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...him. These two paths lead in the creation of two different men. The path of the unlearned man is overwhelmed by the ignorance; he can never desire to learn because he holds ignorance to be bliss. Whenever a man refuses to fight against his ignorance, his product is stupidity and wickedness because ignorance can never produce virtues. Nevertheless, there is the path of the gentleman that creates men who are unshaken by the desires that are governed by ignorance, they are men of virtues who reside in the fact that ignorance will always present itself as an illusion of true knowledge. So a gentleman must constant question everything to see where it source is from.

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