Mally: Personal Thoughts Essay

Mally: Personal Thoughts Essay

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Once when I was but a wee child, I was told that the world was so large it would take fifty lifetimes to ever reach top to bottom. That now our world is closed in darkness and has become very tiny. No one travels anymore, except for a merchant here and there. That there were big cities as tall or taller than any mountains that almost reached the heavens. There were things made out of metal that would take you places in the blink of an eye. Now we use those metal pieces to dig gardens. And something about a porcelain throne…
Here is my life, I live in Hammetts Grove. A place that was an orchard at one time. The sun comes out less than two hours a day now and there have been no tress that grew fruit like that of an orchard in hundreds of years. Now they are just shown in picture books when you get your learnings. There are many things that no longer exist that are shown in the picture books. I sure wish there were though. I would love to eat what they show in some of those books. Everyone gets schooling and gets picked for a job. The job is for life, once a farmer, always a farmer. You get tested for what you know, being raised in a farming family you will most likely always be placed in the same as your family. There have been exceptions, I wish I would have been one of those. I tend the beetles, once they used to be really small. Over the ages they grew and became a wonderful food source to feed people. Don’t knock it until you have tried Beetz Beetle Burgers with legs. You will be hooked I promise.
I have lots to think about while I am mucking beetle dung. Mostly I think of the old stories. They seem so far fetched though. Now something new is being talked about with the last lot of merchants that had rolled through town. They s...

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...all tower just to have a great light in it is beyond me. Mally finally comes and apologizes for the hundredth time. This time, I talk to him. I have missed his company even though I won’t tell him that. We act like old times and he says that he had to do this.. That he hoped I saw the right in it and he was sorry that he made that choice for me as well. I told him things are okay, we are friends for life. Mally seems distracted, he says that Johnston, the one that had come with the others to our town is worried. The old ones have been spotted close and there may be no rest tonight. More fires to be lit as the snow storm seems to be getting stronger as well. Just my luck, extra snow on my time for night watch. At least I have the sound of waves on the part I will be watching. Though why would anyone spend money to have a lookout that far over water seems crazy to me.

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