Male versus Female Gender Differences

Male versus Female Gender Differences

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What if I was born a girl, what if I was born Juliana instead of Giuliano? I have never thought about this topic in depth and obviously my life would be much different. Being 18, an adult, I would hope to have a fully developed body for female standards. Since I am already short, I imagine myself being a few inches shorter, probably 5'0" or 5'1". My sister and mom are that height so I'd say it's a fairly accurate estimate. Maybe I wouldn't be fully developed due to physical activities such as sports that I have played my whole life. I imagine that I would hate having to do my hair every morning due to the fact that it's so thick and unmanageable, forcing me to keep it short. I would go through the routine of eyebrows, lip wax, manicure, pedicure, and maybe the bikini wax. Thankfully I don't have to do all of these things, it seems like a waste of time and money, but would I want a girl with bushy eyebrows and a moustache? I think not, so it's almost a necessity. Society would accept me doing these things and probably even encourage me to engage in these activities. I think that most of these things would be paid for by my mother because she and my sister always go. My dad never pays for my hair cut and things of the sort. I would be physically weaker and slower, but I would probably have more coordination and be more flexible. These preconceived notions come from elementary school; all of the girls had a longer sit and reach than all of the boys.
If I was a female, instead of playing video games, maybe I would be part of a dance team or choir. I think that playing soccer would be the same because a lot of girls play soccer in the US. In a world perspective, the US Women's team is much better than the US Men's team. If I kept my same skills, I guarantee that I would be playing for the US National team. I think that girls are perceived to be smarter than boys, so maybe I would be smarter than I already am. I would love to dance, something that I don't care for now.

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I would like to shop even more because I enjoy the occasional shopping experience already. The difference in my purchases would be handbags and purses, make-up, and accessories. Things that I have no use buying as a male.
Since it is a fact that women get paid more than men, I would be paid less. Since I've only worked in retail and fast food, I don't think that the amount would be too great, but it would be there. I do believe that I would have gotten through high school and elementary school easier being a girl though. There were so many male teachers that were infamous for giving girls better grades than boys while having the same work. I do think that women get away with more things such as tickets. How often have you heard of men getting away with speeding tickets just because they have a pretty face and big breasts? Contrarily, how many men have you heard being taken advantage of and being molested by cops after being pulled over? I believe that I wouldn't get as many opportunities in the work place and not be taken as seriously. I would have less power.
I believe that any 18 year old, regardless of race or gender, is not expected to have their life lined up yet. I think females are expected to plan things out more, while males are more sporadic. I would definitely be under more strict rules by my family. Although the rules are stricter, I think that I would be able to get away with more of them. Case in point, my sister has much more rules to follow than I do, but my parents are much more lenient with her than they are with me. The simple fact that I can get pregnant can cause much worry. There is a definite double standard when it comes to curfew in my household. I could go out without any alibi, while my sister is under heavy surveillance. I did pave the way for her though; I watered down my parents so she could do more. But if I was a girl, I would be expected to be home at a reasonable hour and when I'm out, act like a lady. That means no cussing, no climbing over fences, breaking things, smoking, drinking, partying, and all things that girls should not be a part of because it is not the norm. I could be one of the few gangster girls and go against society's norms, but I don't think I would be. Society would expect me to be married and have children at some point in my life. I would have to change my last name when I get married. I would also wear a white dress, symbolizing my virginity. I would be expected to have large breasts, a skinny waist, flat stomach, and wide hips, who knows what I would do in order to achieve this look.
I think that I would be more talkative if I was a girl. I would also be trusted more as a female and not be punished as much. I would like the power that I would have over males and the lower cost in car insurance. I would dislike having to put so much effort into my face and hair and clothes in the mornings. As a child, I think that my parents would be stricter, but when I did break the rules, more lenient with my punishment. I believe that some of my teachers, namely my high school chemistry teacher, would have treated me differently and I would have had a better grade in the course. I would expect myself to have good mannerisms: speak with good poise, walk elegantly, and look generally beautiful. I think that my high school life would have been filled with more drama and my emotions would come out more because society says it is OK for females to show their emotions, but not males. I don't think that my choice of majors would be the same because I am interested in computers and science. Although I know females that have Computer Information and Science majors, I think that caters more to women.
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