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Dark clouds covered the sky like water covering the ocean. Boom! Thunder roared in the distance. Drip! Drip! Drip! Rain ferociously banged against the ground. The atmosphere was a quite mouse except for the rain. Clouds covered the stars, but the moon summoned a faint beam of light down on the forest. Fire raged in the rose’s head. The male rose wanted freedom from the field and to run like a human. However, while he was wishing that, NASA reported an extremely giant asteroid heading towards Colorado Springs in 3 days. An hour later, Jhonny Appleseed was coming to plant a small apple plant when suddenly the male rose stretched out his roots and using the energy of the soil; he pulled the apple plant out of the pot and threw the plant out of site. He used his roots to jump inside the pot. Jhonny Appleseed ran after him, but the plant made four holes in the pot, two for his branches to use as arms in addition to using two holes for his roots as legs. Using the unlimited energy of the soil, he ran faster than a bullet train (literally), outrunning Jhonny Appleseed in nanoseconds.
He quickly stopped when he reached the desert. Wind blew sand in random directions. It was so hot that he would probably dry up in ten minutes. His energy was already draining. Click! He suddenly had an idea. He buried his roots way underground until he found water. Soon, he absorbed enough of it to last a whole day in the desert! He ran in a normal running speed, knowing if he ran too fast, his energy would drain quicker. It became night, and he had run two hundred fifty miles. He was awfully tired, so he absorbed enough energy to last thirty-two hours. The bright sun set down and before long, the shiny, clear moon came up. Soon, t...

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...r jet’s faces before he destroyed them. He had caused destruction to many people. Now he knew what freedom was. It wasn’t about running around freely, but to make your own choices. Whoosh! A meteoroid was dropping from the sky faster than a speeding bullet. His eyes raged with intense fire. His final choice would be to stop the meteoroid. Leaves were a tornado around him as he stretched his roots up. He summoned all his leaves, branches, and roots at the meteoroid. This would usually have no affect, but the male rose’s anger gave him the energy to double the impact. BAM! The meteoroid broke into a million pieces. The male rose’s energy drained ten times faster than in the desert. At his last moments of life, he knew he had achieved his dream, freedom. A tiny seed appeared as he fell down to his death. It fell right into Jhonny Appleseed’s hands.

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