Male Privilege : Female Privilege Essay

Male Privilege : Female Privilege Essay

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Male Privilege
Evidence from the last few centuries indicate that women have “come a long way” in developing their basic worth and value in modern society. There are other informed viewpoints that suggest that the male dominance in today 's society is a function of culturally-installed patriarchy that not only prefers men but also oppresses women in society. However, it is described in the social order of things that men are the dominant group and ladies are the subordinate group in our society (Robinson, Frost, Buccigrossi, & Pfeffer, 2003).
Another view from Harvey and Allard stated that, "privilege prevails when one group has something of value that is denied to others simply because of the groups they are a part of, rather than because of anything they 've done or did not do."This extensive use of masculinity results in the gendering of work, where the key jobs and techniques for success are deeply connected to masculinity (Robinson, Frost, Buccigrossi, & Pfeffer, 2003). As a result, men earn more than women who are doing the same job, and men are hired and promoted more frequently than women. As a female I have experienced male privilege first hand and how it affects women in the workplace. For example, when I worked for IBM as a Customer Service Representative I earned less than my male counterparts, was denied opportunities for advancement, and manipulated when it came to work assignments. Consequently, when I turned in my two week notice I was offered a raise and a promotion. Needless to say, I declined the offer.
All and all, there is a great deal work to be done in order to bridge the gender divide. This important work of increasing benefit, power, and influence to women as a group does not necessitate the disadvantagi...

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...ty. A year ago Google received growing criticism from civil rights leaders in regard to their struggles with diversity in hiring, promoting, and retaining women (Guynn, 2015). In a report to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Google admitted that seven out of ten employees are men and only three women out of 36 are executives or top-ranking managers. Additionally, men make up 79 percent of its managers and up to 83 percent of Google’s engineering employees (Manjoo, 2015).
Recently, Larry Page, the chief executive reorganized Google pushing women out of his inner circle and passing them over them for promotions including Marissa Mayer who was sidelined by Google and left the company to run Yahoo (Miller, 2012). Google plans on investing $150 million in 2015 on initiatives to address their diversity issues including gender and racial imbalance (Guynn, 2015).

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