Essay on Male Dominant And Prejudice Against Women

Essay on Male Dominant And Prejudice Against Women

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In present days gender equality seems ordinary around the world, but there are some areas male dominant and prejudice against women still exist, these areas include workplaces and strong cultural beliefs families. Gender inequality first surfaced in ancient world, the surviving physical evidence such as temples, buildings and battle memorials illustrate this phenomenon where they all speak of man’s world. Though there are many surviving works of art feature of ancient women in various forms, but has rarely given any insight into other kind of world except that in which women were controlled, contained, and often exploited (Scott, 2009).
For instance Calef & Simkins (2009) wrote a journal on Women, Gender, and Religion in the classical Greek culture, where women plays important roles in public as well as private life such as practicing religious rituals, they were given the responsibility of maintaining good relationships with the gods of fertility for agriculture, animal husbandry and the family; strict rules on public appearances include nonverbal behaviours, which reflect on the woman’s ideologies of status, gender, ethnicity and culture; dressing code was strictly outlined such as their clothes must conceal the body, and their veils came in a variety of forms to conceal the head to varying degrees; even the tone and level of sound when they speaks was controlled, such as high-pitched voice of the female is viewed as one of evidence of her evil disposition.
Not only ancient Greek had high demand and expectations from women, ancient Rome and Greek’s ideologies on the roles of women are somewhat similar, while ancient Egypt is quite different from other cultures. Taking marriages as an example, Ancient Greek and Rome are married...

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Gender difference was not distinguished as a biological category in ancient world; instead it was distinguished as the set of social and cultural differences that communities construct. Women in ancient times were seen as inferior and were supposed to be controlled and used by men. It was through the assistance of medicine made historians and people from present days understand gender equality. Women served in various crucial medical roles in both ancient Egypt and Greco-Roman antiquity, especially the professions of midwife and female doctors in assisting birth. Examine the female bodies from ancient times helped and contributed to the development of advanced medical system. Though the opinions of women from ancient cultures are different in some areas, but there were many similarities between them as well, where they influence one another.

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