Essay on Male Dominance And Gender Inequality

Essay on Male Dominance And Gender Inequality

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Undoubtedly men are treated superior to women. However, when it comes to distinguishing the differences between the two genders “most Americans find women indistinguishable from men on key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation” (Deane et al., 2014). Variables that persist in the lives of women that have a more demanding effect on the idea of women being equally qualified consist of: “Women being held to higher standards, not ready to hire/elect women leaders, family responsibilities don’t leave enough time, women don’t have sufficient connections/party support, women aren’t tough enough, and women don’t make as good managers” (Deane et al., 2014). Arguably men have the upper hand in society and have since the idea of male dominance was brought to our culture by European ancestry. However, it has been proven true that on an intellectual level women are just as intelligent and knowledgeable as men. As arbitrary yet insurmountable as gender inequality is it should not influence differences due to sex considering that women equally have the capability to succeed in the home front and in the workforce. Women should be treated on the same level of sophistication and intellect as men and overall should be treated as a co-dominant gender. I also believe, in most cases, that women can perform anything men can at an equal level or better.

History is to blame for this diversification of inequality between genders. The male dominance stigma started when “European colonists to America adhered to a patriarcchal culture — one in which men were dominant” (True Woman and Real Men). It has been the social norm that men have dominance over women in the household. For instance, in the primitive times when a man and woma...

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...the male gender.
Although not as prominent today, women still tend to feel some sort of oppression in modern society. A question asked “why brave women, with their superior bodies which enable them to bear and to feed babies, become the underdog?” (Basis of Women’s Oppression). With women carrying the responsibility of bearing children to raising them, why can they not be responsible for owning a profitable business? For instance, a very influential woman by the name of Barbara Brunermer set a defining example of an opposition to oppression. Barbara was raised in a time where the idea of women being a subservient housewife was more popular than women pursuing a career. Defying the majority, Barbara became a successful business woman, highlighting what is now seen as changing times and women becoming set free from the less than idealistic concept of ‘the housewife.’

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