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Male Choice : Female Choice Essay

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Female Choice
My sister and my female friends say it is hard to be a female. Even my younger sister says that, not that I am disagreeing, but rather agreeing. Females have a hard time with many things such as periods, menstrual cycles, sexual harassment, and many more things. One of them happens to be finding the right male. Female choice is where they have to make choices on what kind of male they want and need. There are many things they have to think about such as good genes, good behavior, good personality, and good looking males. I asked my female friends and my sister on what they think of these topics and this is what I got from them.
My friend Christine says that she is having a problem with looking for a perfect male; she is kind of a picky female. She says, for her, she likes a male who can protect her and can care about her. She would like a male to have very good behavior such as listening to her, not lying to her, noticing when she is mad or having a bad day, and never to use the word break up as a joke or a threat. In good personality she wants a male that is honesty, intelligent, trustworthy, responsible, fit, and her most important personality in a male is patience because she is a big procrastinator. She wants the male to have good genes so they are able to produce babies that are healthier and vigorous. Christine does not really care of the good looks in males, but if she had to choose she would pick a male that has nice eyes. My friend Gen is different.
My friend Gen says in a male he has to have good looks and good behavior, not so much of good genes. She does not care about good genes because as long as she is passing down her genes through generations, she will be happy. She cares a...

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... this topic is that I really do believe I have a chance but I just have no confidence. Most guys who like a girl have no confidence to say anything or to do anything. Honestly, I do not think girls know how scary it is to talk to the one he likes, but I guess it is the same for girls. It is scary because they are afraid of rejection and embarrassment. Not to mention awkwardness if the girl is in your class or if she is your friend, I would not want to ruin that friendship that I had with this girl. So in conclusion, I believe that it is possible for not just dominant male to get females, but weak males can get a girl if they have confidence, can keep a relationship, or even talking to her could even make a difference. Also time management can really help in a relationship because it shows you are organized, in which case I am not. Basically, I have a lot to work on.

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