Male And Female Students During The Nursing Field Essay

Male And Female Students During The Nursing Field Essay

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Eliminating the comparison of male and female students in the nursing field will greatly diminish the gender bias that has been affiliated with the female dominated field. By executing such an act will more than likely bring change to a struggling profession. Due to the staggeringly low quantity of male nurses, many have felt that the feminization of the profession has severely impacted their decision for leaving or changing majors altogether. However, for example, 2008) conducted a male/female student comparison survey on the effects of males in nursing, and the results were pleasing. Many of the female nursing students said that “ recruiting males into the nursing profession will increase the quality of patient care by (31%) and negative perceptions of health care will decrease by (7%).” (p.156) However, based on “while (45.3%) of female students consider males as staff nurses( due to their physical strength), most male students wanted to occupy administrative positions (Having physical power was seen as a reason for male students to occupy administrative positions(34.3%).” (p.156)Yet, the point of the matter is that society have placed gender bias and societal stereotypes onto a certain field that has now evolved into a more diverse career path that no longer follows past society standards.

Omitting gender differences between associate and baccalaureate degree levels will positively impact the nursing field in more ways than ever imaginable. When completing an associate degree in nursing; according to “Is one of the quickest educational paths to entering the nursing field and becoming a registered nurse.” (Associate Degree In Nursing) But, for the most part, both...

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...t the gender differences in associate and baccalaureate degree levels, and compare nursing programs from various regions. For those three reasons, I strongly believe the nursing field can make a turn around and encourage more men to join the field because by creating change within the field will only create an incline of male nurses that can contribute great service and patient care to the sick and infirm. On the contrary, the impact of eliminating the comparison of male and female students, omitting gender differences between degree levels, and comparing nursing schools from various regions can also wreak havoc on the nursing field by having some difficulty distinguishing the elite from the amateur slackers, affecting the quality of care and patient safety, and resulting in misleading information that compromises the decisions of students and nursing schools.

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