Male and Female High School Students Should be Educated in Separate Schools

Male and Female High School Students Should be Educated in Separate Schools

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A debate has centered recently on the argument of whether strategy for students at high school should be applied to obtain a successful education system, with a voice calling for providing the appropriate environment of education for both gender-students that assists them to concentrate better on their studies and eliminate all aspects of disruptions. Fulfilling such strategies would improve the quality of education at high schools and raise the range of obtaining high marks. However, should boys and girls be educated separately at high school in order to have higher marks? People claim that when both sexes study in the same class rooms their confidence level will increase and the relation between both sexes will deepen and strengthen its roots which will be beneficial for all students in their future life as well as their school life. However, educating both genders in the same class at high school could negatively effect their academic results as long as the two genders distract each others, diverse in the learning ways and do not have the same freedom they could enjoy in single sex schools.

It is frequently the students at high school themselves who are relocated to study in the same class that contains students from the other gender. Several main reasons support this point of view. The first is that boys and girls in the adolescent stage are overly aware of their appearance when gathering with the other gender, whereas this pressure is reduced in a single-sex environment, (Streitmatter, 1999 ). As can be clearly noticed, the attention of students in single-sex high schools is fully directed towards their studies, the instruction of their teachers and the course works, (Ibid). A research study conducted by the Frenc...

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...n, it is clear from the preceding arguments that proved a decision must be made to support the idea of single sex high schools in order to enhance the current education strategy. The introduction of such decisions would have a positive impact on many areas of the students life as assisting them clearly to concentrate on their studies, providing the most effective method of teaching and offering the chance of participating in all activities equally as well as freely. Due to this, boys and girls students should be educated separately at high school, as the drawbacks of co-educational system should be avoided at this level as long as the suitable type of education provided as agreed. For this reason, the government should introduce laws and rules to uniformly impose an official method of teaching on an aspect of education as complex as high school level.

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