Essay about Male And Female Adolescents Are Susceptible At Eating Disorders

Essay about Male And Female Adolescents Are Susceptible At Eating Disorders

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Both male and female adolescents are susceptible to eating disorders as a result of the effects of the media. Based on the most current data produced by experimental studies, media-idealized images have the most negative effect and therefore longstanding consequences on vulnerable individuals, no matter what their gender may be. (The developmental effects of media-ideal internalization and self-objectification processes on adolescents’ negative body-feelings, dietary restraint, and binge eating) Thus it is not only circumstance and self-oriented predispositions that controls the tendency towards eating disorders, it is the state of mind. However, both male and female tendencies towards eating disorders ratify themselves in different ways, and perfectionism has a critical hand in this deviance based on gender. Perfectionism has long been a culprit of inducing eating disorders in both males and females, due to the constant bombarding of flawless fitness and fashion models with unattainable perfection. A sample selection of 140 males and 329 females took an online version of the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (Hewitt & Flett, 1991) survey, and the results were very interesting. Females showed a strong relationship between self-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionism, while males displayed a strong self-oriented perfectionism, with a strong tie to bulimia. Both the males and the females demonstrated that those who are perfectionists are more likely to develop an eating disorder because of the socially prescribed media portrayal of physical perfection. (Eating Behaviors, Volume 15, Issue 3) Bulimia plays right into this drive for perfection, offering a potential way out for those who lack a certain amount of self-control, ...

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.... The men women and children in western cultures are being indoctrinated with this unrealistic pressure for perfection from the time they can open their eyes, and the results are devastating. Those photos blown up on the side of Victoria’s Secret at the mall are completely re-touched, re- sized, and transformed, and the person in that photo no longer exists, yet due to the culture of the western world, young girls and boys are exposed to the face that sexuality, appearance, and status are the most important thing, and the highest goal to be achieved. They live their life with their parents destroying their self-esteem, only to embark on their own into a culture then continually berates them with their shot fallings, and convinces them that the only source for them to achieve perfection with through the corporations who planted lies in their head in the first place.

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