Malcom X 's Outlook On Race

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Malcom X’s outlook on race goes through many stages of change throughout his life. As a child, Malcom X was immediately categorized as black and poor, therefore being a lower class citizen and creating a lack of exposure and diversity of ideologies. As he grows up and meets new people he is introduced to different lifestyles and for once has an opportunity to choose what kind of life he is going to lead. This creates a young man who does not his own identity and is soul searching. Ideas are introduced to him slowly. Everybody he meets has something new and exciting to offer to him. Malcom X was born on the very light skinned. His family liked this quality bout him, as stated in chapter one. This belief that lighter skin is better was not a form on reverse racism, but a form of racism. It was racism against their own race. Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. The Little family believed that light skin is better, insinuating that white people are superior. This is due to self-deprecation. After being put down by society for being black, they feel less superior. ...

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