Malcolm X : The Nation Of Islam Essay

Malcolm X : The Nation Of Islam Essay

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“The future belongs to people who belong for it today”(Malcolm X). In the article, “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X, and he talks about his adventures while in prison. Malcolm X was a hustler that was sentenced to seven years in prison for robbery in 1946. While in prison he tried to find different ways to give himself an education. Malcolm X goes on to further talk about what he went through while out of prison. He also explains what he learned and how it helped him later on in life while working with Elijah Muhammad who was the leader of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X uses Ethos and Pathos to describe his way of educating himself as well as using strong word choice, good syntax, and good organization.
In his article, Malcolm describes the way he spent seven years in prison and uses his time to give himself an education. He gets a dictionary and starts to read it over and over to study the words so he could extend his vocabulary. He is frustrated because he cannot read what he wants to speak. Malcolm ran across his letters that gave him the idea to give himself a homemade education. He went over every word in the dictionary, copied them all down, and studied them so he could expand his vocabulary when it came to writing. The words always had a story to him. While being in prison he became a disciple for Elijah Muhammad who the founder of the Nation of Islam. As Malcolm studied under Muhammad 's’ wing it gave Malcolm X insight on when he was in school with white children were studying black history. Now that there is an overview of Malcolm X’s article, the next overview will discuss the use of ethos is Malcolm X’s article Learning to Read.
Malcolm X uses excessive amounts of ethos in his article to describe how he goes through...

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...cribe what he went through. He also used good syntax to get his message across thoroughly to the readers. His organization was great because he kept everything in order without going all over the place. Malcolm X’s article really described his life in prison and everything that he went though. Also, how prison made him into the person he never thought he would be. Prison had further changed Malcolm X’s life and not just because of the education he gives himself while in prison, but everything that he experienced out of prison. For Malcolm X prison gave him a whole new insight on the outside world. What he learned in prison helped him with everything he used while working with Mr. Muhammad. Malcolm X explains to the readers that he used his time wisely and the article shows to the readers the outcome that he got from being in prison and working with Elijah Muhammad.

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