Malcolm X and Civil Rights Movements Essays

Malcolm X and Civil Rights Movements Essays

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After the banning of slavery in 1865, African-Americans in the United States became hopeful for the future because they were no longer held as slaves and now had the freedom to live their own lives. However, instead of getting the freedom and equality that they expected, people of color were still being discriminated against all over the country. Hate groups and white supremacist groups were arguing against their equal treatment, and a lot of black people lived in constant fear for their lives, especially in rural southern areas where the Ku Klux Klan and other hate groups were popular to be in. It was a very dangerous time for colored people both in the North and the South despite the progressive movements taking place, and Malcolm X was a victim of these times, and therefore he was the perfect face for the Civil Rights Movement.
Malcolm X was born and raised for a short while in Nebraska, in a simple family that didn’t harm anyone. His mother was a stay-at-home mom who was constantly watching him and his seven siblings. His father was a community leader who protested inequality against black people at the local church, and who had a lot of black followers because of his activism. However, they were in constant danger of being hurt by a local hate crime organization called the Black Legion, that threatened to kill them if they didn’t stop their activism. because of the BLack Legion, Malcolm’s family was forced to move multiple times before they settled in Michigan Unfortunately, their home was burned and two years later, the father was killed.
The mother went to the police but they called it an ‘accident’. This was because in that time, black people had no friends in the legal system. They were constantly doubted and tied to cri...

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...rican-Americans and minorities to an end. This was against what the NOI was teaching, which was that the white people were evil oppressors and that they should be separated from.
After Malcolm X left the NOI and told everyone Muhammad’s secret, people working undercover to protect him warned that he was going to be assassinated. Besides the government always getting into his business, Malcolm X was being targeted by the people in the NOI. Eventually, three men under Muhammad’s direction assassinated him during a speech he was giving in Manhattan. Though he may not have had the direct approach that many other civil rights activists had, he was still a large contributing factor in the Civil Rights Movement. Through religion and a message of universal peace, Malcolm X helped the Civil Rights movement move forward.

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