Essay Malcolm X : An Important Part Of History

Essay Malcolm X : An Important Part Of History

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Everyone can change the world and become an important part of history. Those who think they can change the world are often the ones who do. Civil Rights activists Martin Luther King Jr., and Human rights activist and American Muslim, Malcolm X are two great examples of people who thought they could make a difference in the world, and eventually did. The two both wanted to change things, but in two different ways. Martin Luther King used peaceful protests to accomplish his goal. Malcolm X used violence and rebellions to get his ideals across. The two wanted to advocate that black lives are as important as white lives. Malcolm promoted black supremacy and the separation of blacks and whites. Unlike Malcolm X, King had different views on the matter, and wanted the integration of the two races. Furthermore, he had a vision of unison rather than segregation. Despite the different techniques of the two people, they both had a vision of changing something, and are similar in that way.
Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska, May 19, 1925. Malcolm was exposed to white racism and the black separatist movement at an early age. Malcolm X came from a big family and was the fourth of seven children. Malcolm 's father was a Baptist lay speaker, and was admired by activist Marcus Garvey who was the leader of the Universal Negro Improvement Association. If his father had taught Malcolm one thing it was to have black pride. It is safe to say that Malcolm’s childhood was full of terror from white supremacist groups and losses which made him have hatred for whites. When someone grows up in a world full of fear and terror of a person’s doing, they tend to have hatred for all. This is definitely true for Malcolm because he grew up in a world where whit...

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...were put in foster home
3. Malcolm was put in jail
main idea: Malcolm and his beliefs
1. nation of islam
2. separation of the two races
3. violent protests
main idea: The Ballot or the Bullet
1. separation of two races
2. blacks need to be involved in politics
3. Strong black community
4. Blacks need to vote for a person who will make their lives better
main idea: Martin’s childhood
1. privileged home
2. strict father
3. early experience with racism
Main idea: Martin’s way of solving
1. Peaceful protests
2. Montgomery bus boycott
3. courage and bravery
Main idea: I have a dream
1. unison of the two races
2. equality of blacks
3. dream of blacks and whites getting along
Conclusion: Regarding their two different methods in fixing the errors of America, they both had one dream, and this dream was for blacks to have rights and the same opportunities as whites would have

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