Malcolm X : A Black Preacher Essay

Malcolm X : A Black Preacher Essay

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Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little in the town of Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. His father was a black preacher working for the UNIA, and his mother was intelligent women form the island of Grenada. His family relocated to Lansing, Michigan after he was born, Malcolm 's father was killed by white supremacists for being a black nationalist. This lead to the reliance on the government which didn 't support his family, eventually leading them break apart. After separating from his biological family he moves in with white foster parents. He goes to a white school where he doesn 't feel like he belongs there. He is constantly look upon differently for being black even though he smarter then most of the white students. During his summer he visits his sister in Boston, and then leaves his white foster parents to live with her full time. When he begins getting accustoms to Boston, he meets an aspiring musician whom he quickly becomes friends with, Shorty. Shorty has many connections in the city and Malcolm gets a job as shoe shiner. He learns the ins and outs of the trade, which includes selling d...

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