Essay about Malcolm Of The Tender Age Of Five

Essay about Malcolm Of The Tender Age Of Five

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Reading the activity in which we are taught to do at the tender age of five. Some find it dreadful and a waste of time, while others enjoy being transported into a fantasy world in which they escape the troubles of reality. Few even get a whole new perspective of the ever changing world around them. For civil rights activist Malcolm Little, more commonly known as Malcolm X, it completely changed his life for the better. As an activist wanting to improve the lives of Americans in the fifties and sixties, Malcolm realised he had to take initiative and change things in order to achieve his goals of achieving equality among the races. Pursuing a higher education will benefit all in the long run is a saying as old as time, yet it holds truth to it. It’s more likely that the majority will listen to someone with a degree rather than someone without one. With little to almost no education, Malcolm choose to learn how to read and write so he would sound professional and credible when he spoke or wrote and possibly influence his time.
Education was a scare luxury that was desirable to all but very prejudice and racist. Malcolm journey of self-enlightenment is credited to have began back in 1946 when he was “(charged) for breaking and entering, carrying firearms, and larceny and sentenced to eight years in prison where he learned to read and became fascinated with the Nation of Islam’s leader, Elijah Muhammad” (Malcolm X 231, 232). Fascination that Malcolm had with Muhammad can be described as similar to as one between a celebrity and their fans. Fans tend to mail things to celebrities like letters of admiration, declaration of love, etc, they will even go as far as to send gifts to the celebrity. Malcolm never went to such extremes and wa...

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...eading even if it could have gotten his library privileges revoked, he shares that as a free man he has gotten less than that (Malcolm X 234). While at any moment he could have gotten them removed as he was a man of color he never gave up. Malcolm would have fought to the death for his books.
Learning to read honestly was the best thing he could have done since after doing so he was able to get a book, read it, and understand what the book had tried to convey, he was also able to give his opinion. In the essay he claims how he learned how whitewashed history was, how much blacks have suffered since, and possibly before, the formation of the U.S. , and how his world view had changed all just because he took the initiative of going the extra mile and taught himself to read and effectively changing history and contributing to what became the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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