Malaysia 's Democracy And Development State Essay

Malaysia 's Democracy And Development State Essay

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Malaysia’s Democracy and Development State
This essay aims to analyze the Malaysia’s democracy over the last 20 years and evaluate the relationship between Malaysia’s politics and economic development. Malaysia is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, surpassed in per capita income only by Singapore and the small but oil-rich sultanate of Brunei Darussalam. In developing its economy, Malaysia originally relied on commodity exports of rubber, tin, palm oil, and petroleum. However, recently, it gained competitiveness in export manufactures, especially in the electronics sector. More factories and research institution are being opened. Most of Malaysia 's mines and plantations have thus been transformed into urban area. Over the past few decades, this rapid economic development has distinguished Malaysia in the region, and captured the attention of economists seeking strategies for promoting economic development in developing countries. However, in order to gain such rapid economic development, Malaysia has also confronted some great challenges. For example, political struggles and country 's democratic procedures. (Case, 2002) This essay aims to analyze the Malaysia’s democracy over the last 30 years and evaluate the relationship between Malaysia’s politics and economic development.

Political History
Malaysia was one of the last East Asia nations to gain independence. The country gained its independence from British in 1957. Early in 1956, delegation of ministers and political leaders of Malaya went to London in negotiations with the British for Independence. Agreement was reached on February 8, 1956, for Malaya to gain independence by the end of August 1957 if possible. On 31 August 1957 the Federation of Mala...

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...ment of Malaysia in the early stage. As Malaysia is moving forward, with increased number of well-educated people and uprising of internet, Malaysia is slowly moving forward a better democracy nation, yet at the same time, has a sustainable economy growth. Under Najib Razak administration, the freedom of speech, expression and press are slowly becoming more open. The 2011 Peaceful Assembly Act had given the Malaysian citizen more opportunity to organize public gathering, exceptional to street protest. The Prime Minister Najib is also currently building a better relationship with the western nations, especially United States of America, in term of economic and politics. The Malaysian parliament had agreed to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) which involve US with another 11 countries and the Prime Minister Najib is also on regular trips visiting US.

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