The Malabar Gold & Diamond Advertisement Essay

The Malabar Gold & Diamond Advertisement Essay

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The Malabar Gold & Diamond advertisement consists of varying cultures of men and women participating in their specific traditional marriage practices. The capstone of subliminal messaging in the ad resides in the Indian marriage ceremony and how its relationship is integral with gold. In Indian practice, a bride that isn 't draped in a multitude of gold on the day of her wedding would be extremely abnormal. In Indian culture, the bride is typically decorated with gold all over her body. This comes about from their particular societies association and their “definition” of gold. But there is an agency in the ad which works beneath the surface.
In Malabar Gold & Diamond’s advertisement, they explicitly target the feelings associated with marriage in female nature. As a result of society’s standards, women are taught to dream and look forward to their wedding theme. To be married is one of the greatest accomplishment of their lives and provides them with a form of power over other single women. To begin, the ad solicits its watchers with their society’s definition of beauty using a couple of famous Bollywood actresses. These figures exert power not only because of their appearance but also because it coincides with their status within their society. The women then are draped from their heads onward in gold as they prepare for their “wedding ceremony”. It can also be noted that Malabar added an additional golden color to the actress and made colors that conflicted with the gold’s display much more subtle than they are naturally. The brides, each of varying cultures, each perform their specific traditional wedding practices with smiles and chagrin never leaving their overall aurora. These brides are then strategically placed in the ce...

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...s and gangstas, compare ring sizes with other women. The bigger the diamond the greater the overall value of the ring as well as the greater value her husband sees her, from another woman 's perspective. Society even places a standard on how much an engagement ring should cost the male fiancé. The price typically ranges from 3 months salary and upwards. Women take pride in their rings and see themselves as the symbol of envy if they have bigger rings than other women.
Jewelry has long been status defining commodity amongst the masses. From kings, to gangstas, to modern day rappers, and women it has the same values as its original intended purpose. To define who the individual is, and what type of power they have in the society. In reality it 's not really the wearer that has the power because of the jewelry but instead the jewelry which has power over the wearer.

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