Essay on Making Sense of Orthographic Mapping

Essay on Making Sense of Orthographic Mapping

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Orthographic mapping Does it make sense?

The research I am writing about from the six articles I read and the information I learned, informed me of a massive amount of knowledge that can be utilized from the orthographic mapping reading process, in ways that I cannot fully explained here because of the on going research in this area. Nevertheless, I can refer to the research that, mutually, runs side by side in all of the articles, which I feel size up an important technique that will undoubtedly be a helpful teaching mechanism for all teachers with weak reading skill students.

Early prevention of reading difficulties
Preventing reading difficulties needs to be caught and identified in the earliest stages of a child’s development. ‘Research over the last two decades has demonstrated that most reading difficulties can be corrected,” (Kilpatrick 2011) According to the research it seems that reading difficulties can be diagnosed and a plan of intervention established early in a child’s education. The teaching establishment just needs to realize this and come to grips with a plan and practice to implement. According to a study by Vellutino, (1996) he conducted a study in which first grade students had an intensive intervention program and the results turned out to be very good about 68% benefited from the intervention and continued to do so a year after. One of the inventions focuses on site recognition where students can recognize a pool of words instantly. This was further explained in an article by Linnea Ehri (Learning to read words: Theory, Findings, and Issues). Here there was research done because educators where looking for evidence to make decisions on reading instructions for their students. Ehri conducted studie...

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...become aware of this or at least keep an eye out for any problem which start to show up in the early stage of learning to read. I don’t know if Orthographic mapping will be able to be overcome by intervention. But, Reading disabilities by all the research I have read so far needs to be a start on battling this handicap with some of our children. According to professor Kilpatrick and his article on Orthographic learning he had said that “Research has demonstrated that we can prevent or correct most reading difficulties (Kilpatrick 2011). Now our educators need to pick up on this and use any and all techniques available to them to utilize in their teachings of learning to read for our children. Perhaps they need to start off by reading the article by professor Kilpatrick and to understand the necessity of using all available research in their classrooms.

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